Puppies Are Terrible


My top ten list of why puppies are terrible:

10. They are soft. People want shoes made of my puppy. This is frightening.

9. They make cute noises just like a baby. In the middle of the night. #Mommybrain

8. Puppies manipulate your emotions more than any other animal. You must have nerves of steel to avoid spoiling your puppy and ruining his temperament for life!

7. Obviously, there’s the chewing, and the needle sharp teeth. And you can’t correct him for biting, lest you scar his developing ego.

6. People will want to be your best friend so they can hang out with your puppy, but only while it’s “cute.” They will demand puppy visitation even though you are exhausted and obviously have nothing better to do than provide all your friends and family with their “puppy fix.”

5. You will fall in love with a puppy faster than anything. Then they will drain your bank account. The original gold-diggers.

4. Crate training is a bitch but absolutely neccessary. Even with the crate, you will still need all your carpets cleaned. $$$

3. The eyes. Don’t stare at the eyes! Puppy can gain control over your soul this way.

2. The ears. Silky soft and so floppy! Don’t chew off the ears, they need those things later.

1. Puppy breath. People get drunk on this stuff and then require rehab services.


Don’t forget, you can learn all about how to raise your puppy right at the Natural Dog Training Conference October 3rd and 4th in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Natural Dog Training in Action

What does Natural Dog Training look like? It looks like this! Well, we are still cleaning up our technique, but this is the fun and natural way to train your dog. Push, heel, down, stay, speak!

The creator of Natural Dog Training, Kevin Behan, is coming to Maine October 3rd and 4th to give a hands-on dog training seminar. We are so excited to bring you this unique opportunity to train for two full days in this intensive, immersive weekend workshop.

Build a stronger connection with your dog using Kevin’s progressive and natural methods. Register now!

Prey Essence Next to Predator Aspect

I recently took a trip to Vermont to get some help from Kevin introducing my new rescue dog Freya to one of my other rescues, Eva. We met a fellow NDT practicioner, and his dog, Mikey.

The above video is just a short view of how we worked with the dogs, introducing them and allowing them to process the charge. Eva was lifting Mike’s lip with her muzzle so I asked Kevin what that was all about. He explained that she is accessing the prey essence (saliva) in order to connect with the predator aspect (eyes). This is how she made a connection with Mikey so that even the predator becomes grounding.

Natural Dog Training is Coming to Maine!

Natural Dog Training Conference

I am so excited to announce that I have invited Kevin Behan, the founder of Natural Dog Training, to come to Maine to teach a two-day conference this fall. The seminar will cover the fundamental principles of Natural Dog Training and also include hands-on training to learn the core exercises, so bring your dog! This is a fantastic opportunity to learn Natural Dog Training from the creator himself. Kevin’s methods are completely unique from “alpha” type trainers, and much more intricate than clicker-style or positive reinforcement. Natural Dog Training helps you to connect with your dog’s true nature, creating harmony between human and dog.

We are limiting the attendance to 25 people in order to keep the group small enough for Kevin to give some personalized attention to each handler. We will also work in teams of two in for those who don’t bring a working dog to get hands-on experience. So if you have any interest at all in dog training, or a desire to deepen the bond between you and your dog, save the dates: October 3rd and 4th, and start planning your trip to beautiful Cape Elizabeth, Maine! Use this link to register: Natural Dog Training Conference.

How to Choose the Right Veterinarian


Have you ever taken your dog to the vet’s office and felt that you weren’t on the same page with your dog’s doctor? Are they wary of raw feeding? Do they push vaccines and Frontline Plus when you don’t feel comfortable with those options? I FINALLY found the right veterinarian for my dogs, after years of searching for someone who aligns with my values. When it comes to taking care of your dog, you will want to choose a doctor who does not make you feel like you are a horrible caretaker if you choose not to use traditional medicine.

I just had the most wonderful experience when I found Dr. Jukith K. Herman at her Animal Wellness Center in Augusta, Maine. Dr. Herman took about an hour and a half to intake my two dogs, Sophie and Eva. She is the first vet I’ve ever met who is pro-raw diet and anti-vaccine. She was completely on board with my care-taking the dogs without the use of commercial dog food or poisonous flea and tick prevention. Instead of using Heartguard, we got this tincture from AmberTech. For more information from Basis Pet about Heartworm disease: Heartworm Preventatives – Is Marketing Hype Putting your Pet at Risk?.

Anyways, I just had to rave about my new vet, since it’s the first time that I felt totally happy bringing my dogs to their doctor. Just as we have to be our own health advocates, we must also advocate for our pets. This task is much easier when working with practitioners who reflect our same point-of-view. So if you haven’t found the perfect vet for your dogs, keep looking!